FedPort Home Services
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FedPort Home Services is built to meet the needs of property owners in Israel or abroad and are unable to take care of their real estate assets physically. Our team employs highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsible people that take care and pride in their work and in the service that we provide to you. The core of our business is to provide a one-stop solution for servicing and managing all the aspects of your property. Some of our services include a fully licensed Real Estate firm that can find, purchase, sell, or rent properties on your behalf. Should you hold property or a portfolio of properties, our team provides exceptional property maintenance and related services such as insurance, and legal.FedPort Home Services‘ vision to be Israel’s leading real estate and property management company. Our services are perfect for investment properties or vacation properties, we aim to serve, and custom plans can be made. We take pride in our responsibility and understanding the importance of your assets and we enjoy providing you with the peace of mind, that comes with an experienced professional management service. We are proud members of the Jerusalem Real Estate Brokers Association Jerusalem.Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question about your Property!Contact us here.